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КАК играть в Bakugan

You need at least two players to play Bakugan Battle Brawlers. If you do not have any Bakugan, you can buy Bakugan starter packs at a toy store or online. **See resources below to buy Bakugan online.
The youngest player goes first during the bakugan game.

Each player begins the name with the same amount of Bakugan and cards. There is a minimum of 3. Each player may only have 1 special ability card.

Each player places a card face down, farthest from himself on the playing surface. If playing with only two players, each player places 2 cards down to form the playing field.

Each card placed face down must touch the other cards on an entire side. You cannot play an ability card on your first turn.

Shoot a Bakugan and brawl! If the Bakugan lands on a card with another Bakugan and stands up, they do battle. If you land two of your Bakugan's on the same card and they are standing, you automatically win the game. If your Bakugan knocks a Bakugan off a card and remains standing, you automatically win the game.

To battle the Bakugans, look at the cards. Compare the G power of the battling Bakugans. Flip the card over and add or subtract the G power boost. Whichever Bakugan has the most G power wins the battle. The winner of the battle gets to capture the defeated Bakugan and it's card.

To win the game, battle until all cards are captured. Or, in a game with more than 2 players, the game can also end when only 1 person has Bakugan Battle Brawlers left.
Then add up the HSP points. Also, each Bakugan is worth 100 HSP points. Add that to your total. The person with the most HSP points is the winner of the game.

Tips & Warnings
If you have no remaining Bakugans left to shoot, you can call STAY. To STAY, you pick one of your Bakugan Battle Brawlers on a card and say "stay". If no other Bakugan stands on that card during a round, you win back your card and Bakugan.

If there is a tie, you go into sudden fury. In the event of sudden fury, both players take back their Bakugans. Turn the card with HaloSector facing up. Then each player shoots. If one is standing, he wins the battle. If both are standing, it is sudden fury again. If both miss, the card stays and both players shoot again. Check your local game store for Bakugan tournaments.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is highly addictive!

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